The world is our home and charisma our scent.
No matter what, we do it with style.
We know that the key is in the details.
Our philosophy is based on the art of living with savoir faire .
Never Enough is the dimension of the bon vivant people.
Those who wake up in Hong Kong for work and fall asleep after
a glass of Porto in Lisbon
Those who roll up their sleeves, with style and wit.
Those who sleep little and love a lot because...

Life is Never Enough


Never Enough is the idea of ​​Salvatore Nigordi.

Aimed at encouraging everyone to build their own personal look,
with freedom and unconventional style.
Original shapes, uncommon cuts, and visionary combinations of materials create
a unique way to dress with noticeable personality, and without boundaries.

After several years of working with multiple textiles the young owner Salvatore Nigordi decided to invest in his own passion: to create fashion that considered clothing as not only a garment but as a way of life. The result is a refined and sophisticated brand, focused on the study and research of materials and the mix of fabrics and washes, a focus that has become the strength of many of his collections.